Due to the nationwide lockdown, our Melville Ikhaya service will be streamed on Sunday 5 April at 18:30. Please join us in the comfort of your own home!

Take care!

If you need prayer or counseling or just someone to talk to, please contact Ben or Elise.
We will continue with our Melville Ikhaya service at 18:30, but will monitor the situation.

Please take note of the following:

  • There won't be any coffee before or after the service 
  • If you feel sick we want to encourage you not to attend the service
  • Our Shamah service on a Wednesday evening is a good alternative since there are less people with limited contact
  • We will continue with our weekly soup kitchen, but will hand out take away meals and make sure everyone washes their hands
If you are uncertain about anything or would like pastoral counseling, please contact Ben or Elise. 
Sunday 15 March

18:30 Melville Ikhaya: Phophi Ramavhoya. 


Wednesday 26 February

18:00 Service

Thursday 27 February

18:30 Bible Study 2020 Vision

Sunday 1 March

18:30 Melville Ikhaya. Sandile Mnisi
Theme: Look at SOUTH AFRICA differently

Wednesday 19 February:

18:00 Shamah

Thursday 20 February:

18:30 Bible Study 2020 Vision

Saturday 22 February:

10:00 Self  Defense Workshop

Sunday 23 February:

18:30 Melville Ikhaya. Ben Klut. 
Theme: Look at my COMMUNITY differently
We are also celebrating Holy Communion

Wednesday 12 February:

18:00 Shamah

Thursday 13 February:

18:30 Bible Study 2020 Vision

Sunday 16 February:

18:30 Melville Ikhaya. Elise Klut. Theme: See CHURCH differently