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Saturday 12 June 
Workshop: Finance 101

We had a very successful Finance 101 workshop presented by UJ lecturer and Chartered Accountant, Jelvin Griffioen.
He talked and advised us about setting a realistic budget, borrowing money, signing of sureties, lending money, saving money, investments, black tax and being wise in the spending of our money. He also shared some Biblical principals about money that is applicable to believers and unbelievers.
Definitely a workshop that is relevant to everyone!

SERMON 6 JUNE: Pastor Ben reminded us how important it is to HEAR God.

The Lord speaks in mysterious ways. We all need to acknowledge that it is time to listen and hear His voice here and now. Listen actively. Listen intentionally. Do not miss the opportunities to be in God’s presence. Or take it for granted.

Sunday 30 May
Let the children come to me. Sermon by Elise Klut

In these dreary times where uncertainty prevails, who and where are we to turn to?

Jesus Christ.

He loves us just the way we are. No imperfection, sin, disappointment is too big for Him. Jesus Christ sees us in the divine light that we often struggle to perceive ourselves in.

God also never bears any grudges. Jesus Christ’s final sacrifice on earth made it possible for him to forgive and forget on a level that is beyond all human comprehension.

May you always remember that we have a heavenly Father who loves us deeply and profoundly. And even if you wander astray like the prodigal son, He will always be ready to welcome you back into his loving arms. Pray, read the bible, delve deeper into who God is, but most importantly seek to build a Father-son, Father-daughter with your divine Father.

May the Lord bless and keep you this week and may you never forget that your heavenly Father loves you deeply!


The Presence of the Holy Spirt, our Helper.

Sermon by Phopi Ramavhoya


The Holy Spirit lives inside all of us. This is something we should always cherish and remember.


The Holy Spirit allows us to be who we are supposed to be in God’s eyes.

Jesus Christ poured out his Holy Spirit for all of us before leaving earth.

This was the miracle to top all miracles because it allowed his followers to become who they are truly meant to be through guidance of His Holy Spirit.

Transfer all your worries, fears, sadness, stress to the Lord our Saviour. Let go and Let God !

Read and repeat this wonderful prayer to start your week and witness the wonders God will do for and through you:

Lord, thank You for sending your Holy Spirit.

I am grateful for your Word into my heart this week.

Holy Spirit, continue to work in me.

I surrender my will to you today.

I surrender my agenda, plans and goals.

I hand over my concerns and burdens to you.

I choose to trust you for my daily bread and accept with joy that you are working out good for my life.


Have a lovely, productive, exciting and blessed week !

Written by Daniel Greeff


             Sunday 16 May: WHY PRAY?

In these chaotic times of Covid, corruption and contagion in the form of bacteria, absurdity and crazy conservatism, what are we supposed to do?

The answer is both simple and complex.

Pray and leave all your worries in the hands of our Heavenly Father. Trust Him, He’s got this!

To rejoice in the Name of the Lord is a choice. We live out this choice daily  through prayer and Bible study. Prayer is not only a way of asking God for things. It is a way of building a relationship with God. Through prayer we strengthen our bonds with Christ, the Living Victor.

Best of all is the fact that Jesus made it possible for us to communicate with God in a way where we could truly be ourselves without fear of rejection or judgment.

Our human need for prayer is sacred and should never be taken for granted.

Love for Christ and our fellow man compels us to pray every day.

Always remember:  we are made worthy through Christ who died for all our sins. God will always answer our prayers (in His way and in His time). He wants a loving relationship with us.

May this piece inspire you to connect with God as deeply and truly as you need to.

God Bless you and may this week be filled with God’s unwavering grace, kindness and mercy!

Daniel Greeff


Saturday 8 May we had a games afternoon with the UJ and Ikhaya students. 

The students were just so thankful that they could get away from their books and have fun for a few hours.

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